Why labor voters and liberal 'voters' should vote for me!

The labor party take labor 'voters' for granted to support them, while giving the 'privileges of corruption' to their 'favoured few'. One would have thought that the Liberals would love to run with the evidence. I have advised them and had enquiries from them. I actually saw Mark McArdle at Parliament house - accounpanied by my assist dogs. He was very keen and took notes and I provided him with material, but nothing. I guess his vioew is tht it is amunition for him in the future. That was over the 'electoral fraud involving Judge Julie Maree Dick/Mellifont'. When I mentioned to Tim Nichols that she was married to Terry Mellifont, he asked, "Are you sure?". Terry Melifont and Jeff Spender cheated me in 1974, and Mellifont has been responsible for police mistreatment of me for many years including in Townville in 1986. I became aware of the Mellifont Dick connection when I googled Terry Mellifont and discovered that Quetin Bryce had entertained them both at Qld Gov House, so I then checked into her.

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