The synergy should be greater than arithmetic or geometric.

The synergy should be greater than arithmetic or geometric.

Postby russellm_rastko » Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:03 am

This Bulletin Board, the Anti Governmental Fraud Party [AGFP] Bulletin Board: to DEFEAT CRIME in governments by SELECTIVE ELECTED POLITICS, is the latest dimension of our attack upon corruption in governments. Invariably, whenever a citizen has a problem with the legal or justice system, it is due to some degree of corruption in some sector of Government. The three accepted divisions of government, the legislature, the judiciary and the executive including the public sector and public servants, are interdependent and none is always superior to the others. Corruption cannot exist in only one branch. Were it to start, either of both of the other divisions would eradicate it. However, all three can be corrupted, and for that to occur, the corruption gradually encroaches across all three. [This has occurred in Queensland and now that has extended from Queensland to Canberra, the National Capital of Australia.]

To attack this corruption, it is not enough to attack just one or two of the divisions. We have been attacking the Public sector and the judiciary for some time now. Now we extend this to an integrated approach, and include the elected politics constituting the parliaments or legislatures. By completing this trinity, the synergistic effect should be greater than arithmetic, or even geometric growth. We would expect our annualized growth rate of better than ten fold [over 1,000% per annum] over the past few years should increase substantially. This should vastly improve our strategy, although, an increased rate of growth is unnecessary.

Corruption extends across jurisdictional boundaries. As well, most people, in the world are voters in electorates of 'legislatures' of increasing geographical coverage, [from local, city, region, state, federation, for example], including in Federations, and the United Nations. Hence, it is appropriate that this Website and Bulletin Board and the Network of which it is a part, should not limit its geographical coverage.

Most electorates where the majority wins produces a two party basis. We cannot expect to displace existing incumbents in that scenario. Hence, we can be most effective in proportional representation elections. In the Australian context, that means firstly, and most importantly, the Australian Senate in Canberra. Even just one person in the senate could hold the balance of power. We could also be effective due to this Network. in other proportional representation elections such as most Australian States' Upper houses, and in the Tasmanian parliament.

This process would be impossible without the Internet. An important technical element is that the internet has such a low CRITICAL MASS. We passed critical mass long ago. The monetary cost is infinitesimal, far less than bus fare to commute to an occupation, and is a most pleasant way to spend one's time, even without the pleasing thought of the exponentially increasing rewards.

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