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Is this a NEW political party?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:50 am
by russellm_rastko
The Anti Governmental Fraud Party [AGFP] is far more than a mere political party. It is a PHENOMENON, that could not have existed without the advent of the internet. The internet will have much greater far reaching effect that even the Industrial Revolution. This is because the Industrial Revolution required far more collective actions than is required by the 'Internet Revolution'. Nothing will be the same . The internet adds an extra dimension to all aspects of life. The Anti Governmental Fraud Party [AGFP] is an ever growing number of political parties springing up in many places across the world. Instances may come and go, but they will continue to increase in 'population'. The population will increase as more are 'born' than 'die'. The common thread to the total population of Anti Governmental Fraud Party [AGFP] is this Website and Bulletin Board and our NETWORK of WEBSITES and Bulletin Boards.