CRIME: POLICE,MAGISTRATES: interfering with politicalLIBERTY

CRIME: POLICE,MAGISTRATES: interfering with politicalLIBERTY

Postby russellm_rastko » Sun Mar 15, 2009 5:18 am

CRIME by Queensland POLICE & MAGISTRATES: interfering with political liberty

The Criminal Code of Queensland, defines the CRIME regarding interference with the POLITICAL PROCESS, as CRIME - interfering with political liberty in Section 195 as below.

However, the CORRUPT Queensland Government of labor and Anna Bligh, is built on ELECTORAL FRAUD of Melifont [see also 'Waiting in the Wings' article by Linda Haller re Suspension v striking off of Solicitors; about Mellifont ] and the corruption of KEVIN RUDD Peter Beattie, Wayne Goss. See what others have to say.
See the experience with corrupt and violent Qld Police and Magistrates by Raymond James Courtney, AND GO TO HIS WEBSITE FOR ALL THE DETAIL. See How Kevin Rudd is tied to Electoral Fraud and Police corruption. See this EVIDENCE of ELECTORAL FRAUD in Queensland.

See also the experience by other people of the corruption of Kevin Rudd, Wayne Goss, Association_of_labor_Lawyers, Magistrate_Nunan and the previous CJC, re-named the CMC.

The Queensland Legislature, in the Criminal Code of Queensland, regarding interference with the POLITICAL PROCESS, wrote:
˙Interfering with political liberty

Section 195. A person must not unlawfully use violence, threats or intimidation to hinder or interfere with the free exercise or performance of anyone’s political right or duty.

Maximum penalty—3 years imprisonment.
Crime—interfering with political liberty.

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